Hi there!

You’ve found my page where I attempt to describe who I am and what I am doing in this world.

I am an EMT, one of two partners of a BLS medical provider, a microbiologist, a mother of two, and a grandmother of a wonderful little boy. I am currently in the paramedic academy at American River College. I ride MTB when I can, chat with friends online a lot, and generally enjoy being a gadget freak.

I started my original blog in 2003, as a method to just get things out of my head, inform family and friends of our goings-on, and generally put to the internet anything I desired. Over the years, it has morphed a bit, and although it is still my ramblings from life, it tends to be more focused onto interests of mine; emergency medicine, mountain biking, and my family. I still post random thoughts, and updates on how I am doing for my family, so expect to see those here.

Sit back, cruise around the site, and have fun!


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