Day 1

Written by Renee

Topics: EMS, Paramedic Academy

Well, my first day of the academy was completed without any issues.

I was a bit surprised that I was performing CPR on a mannikin by 1030 hours  (Class began at 0900 hours). As paramedic “candidates”, we are obviously expected to have our EMT basic scope of practice knowledge and be able to apply it. Any EMS skill learned prior to any particular day in class, whether learned years ago, or the day before, if fair game to be required to demonstrate. So, there I was, pushing hard and fast on a mannikin, working to ensure that my switch-off with my partner at the moment happened in under 10 seconds.

Aside from that, we learned the requirements of upkeep of the academy grounds, uniform requirements, proper respect of our instructors and guest lecturers (Call out “Instructor on Deck”, and stand up), how to answer questions when asked in class (yep, there is a specific way), learned about our SIM mannikin (No pens allowed near him, for example), worked on some ambulance operations, more about homework and workloads, uniforms, and more. It was a lot to take in on day 1, but it was a great start!

Last night was the first night I opened the textbook package. It is 2 large volumes, plus 2 large workbooks. There is also an ECG book, but we won’t be using that until March or April. Chapters 1 and 2 are now digested. Chapter 3 during lunch today.

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