An advanced apology to my friends and family

Written by Renee

Topics: DMAT, EMS, Family, Misc Rants

With my acceptance into the Paramedic Academy, this next year will mean incredible change for me. It means my life will boil down to school, work, and sleep (In that order of priority). If you are reading this, and you are a paramedic already, you know exactly what I mean. If not, this is a quick boil-down of my life for the next 4 months while I am attending the classroom portion of the program (There is actually still classroom time in the next 2 semesters, but not nearly as much):

  • I will be in class 24 hours a week.
  • I will also have 48-60 hours of study each week.
  • I will also be working my “dayjob” 32 hours each week.

There are 168 hours in a week. Subtracting 24, 48, and 32 hours from that, leaves 52-64 hours to cram in sleep, exercise, housework, running a business, grocery shopping, etc.

Unfortunately, management at my “dayjob” has been less than supportive of my effort, since it doesn’t benefit them directly. There is a program here called “Career Development Program”, which allows staff to pursue a degree or certificate, even if it doesn’t relate to their current job or the needs of the department. This pays for registration/tuition, books, and some misc fees. However, my direct and second level management don’t want to authorize it. Nice. It really doesn’t matter that they support this. They have known that I was applying to the Academy. My guess is, they figured I wouldn’t make the cut, and it would be a moot point for them to prepare for me to be in school three days a week. Well, I did make it. And I am attending. I WILL get my paramedic, with or without their assistance. I purchased my books last week, and will pay my registration fees this Wednesday, as soon as I receive the permission code from the college to do so. I may not eat for the next 2 weeks, but hey, I’ll lose more weight.

So, based on my study and workload this semester, please understand if I don’t answer calls or text messages M-W-F from 0800-1700, as my phone will be either shut off completely, or set to absolute silence mode. And I may not respond as quickly to text message and emails.  I will respond after class and after work. But I need to triage the emails, text messages, voicemail, etc. The best method to reach me will be email, BTW. :-)

Note to my family, friends, DMAT, and others: Thank you for your support! It means everything to me to know how much encouragement I have received from you.

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