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On December 8th, I formally applied for the paramedic program at American River College.

Back in June,  it was a friend, mentor, instructor, and fellow DMAT member that said to me, “So, when am I going to see your butt in one of my classroom seats?”. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time,  having appied to the part-time program,  but then learning each time that it was canceled. First because of not enough applicants,  and then due to lack of funding.

This time, it is the full-time program. I’ve requested that my employer allow me to work a modified schedule for 4 months, so that I can pursue this goal. Dream? No. Goal, yes. I want to have an ALS scope of practice. I want to be able to further stabilize my patients when needed, a limitation to my current scope that is at times, frustrating, and potentially life-threatening to my patients.  Approximately a month ago, even though I had a great recommendation to the program, I was still on the fence about applying. Why? One word: Money.

I used some time around Thanksgiving to think and pray on this. And then, I came to the decision that I should apply, and then worry about the cost after I am accepted into the program.  I tell others not to let things hold them back. Why was I not following my own advise? So, I did it. It means sacrifice.  Lack of sleep. But a potentially incredible opportunity.

Acceptance and denial letters are supposed to be going out this week. I sure hope and desire that it is acceptance, and the beginning of a new direction in my life.

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