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Last Wednesday, I took off for Las Vegas, to attend the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. Aside from the show, my family lives there, so it affords me the opportunity to visit them as well, which I always love. The drive out there was actually quite nice. I didn’t see the sun until I got onto highway 58 and up the hill a bit. As many in California know, in winter, northern and central CA are either fogged in, or it is rainy. Once up the hill, the sun was out and the temperature jumped from 44 to 60 degrees. It was comfortable.

I got there in about 10 hours, taking a few breaks along the way to rest my arm a bit. I was pretty sore when I got to the RV that I stay in. Typically, I bring the SUV for around town transportation, and my father brings his RV for the show. This year, he also brought his own truck. His RV is really comfortable. I happened to arrive near sunset, and fired off a few shots:

The show itself was fun. I wasn’t very impressed my first day there, but Friday and Saturday, I got to play with a lot of cool stuff. And Thursday night, I attended a fun party, that also had a lot of great stuff to see. Some of this years swag was fun, but less companies were offering it. I didn’t win anything (that I know of at this point), but I still entered the freebie contests as I found them. I reviewed a few items for publication, and will be doing more soon, including some headphones that are semi-custom in fit. And inexpensive!

Thursday night, I happened to witness a medical issue that occurred in a casino. I watched it from start to finish, since they had EMTs there. I was walking by as the casino EMTs arrived. It was interesting to watch how they handled a patient having a stroke while playing blackjack. They provided excellent care for the patient, who was tranferred over to Clark County fire paramedics, and transported to a local hospital for further treatment.

Friday after the show, I needed to rest. I did gamble a little (Hey, I have to pay my Vegas visitor’s fee, right?), but got some dinner and went back to the RV. My arm was pretty sore after being down by my side most of Thursday and Friday, and being protective of it, so people didn’t smack into it (The show floor was VERY busy). Some booths are extremely popular, and resemble mosh pits for the freebies given out.

Saturday evening, I got to spend time with my family, enjoying a really good dinner that was cooked by my sister-in-law, Paula (I want that recipe for the rice!). It didn’t last nearly long enough, and soon I had to head back to the RV to get some sleep before leaving the next morning.

Yesterday’s trip went quickly. I basically drove straight through, stopping only to get food and for some “brief relief”. Took today off, just to kick back, but also because I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon to get more x-rays on my elbow, and chat with the orthopedist to make sure that my injury is stable and doesn’t need surgery. I will let everyone know later today…

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  1. Anna says:

    Sounds like a fantastic trip! And GREAT sunset pictures!

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