What did I do? – Part deux

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Well, I got in to see my orthopedist this morning. I am actually grateful that he was able to squeeze me in before his office hours started. Grateful, but not happy.

We chatted about what happened on Monday and Tuesday, and I explained how Tuesday, I almost hit the ground due to the pain, the lack of sleep since then, and the continuing pain and muscle spasms. He then checked out my arm, and yep, the point tenderness was right at the back of my elbow, just above the “funny bone” area. Medically, it is the olecranon process, which is a part of the ulna, one of the two bones in the lower arm, and one of three bones that make up the elbow (The others are the radius and the humerus). He thought it was a real good idea to get some films of my elbow, so off I went to the x-ray room in orthopedics.

When I came back to the room, the medical assistant put the images (I love digital x-rays!) up on the computer monitor for the doctor. While I waited a couple of minutes for him to come back, I took a look. Uh oh was right… I avulsed a section of the bone away (tore the bone) from the olecranon process. I have had a bone spur there for some time, courtesy my years of bowling (which I stopped doing 5 years ago). It is actally the bone spur that has both broken, and pulled away. What this means is the triceps tendon that attaches to the bone there is essentially partially torn.

The doctor and I discussed all of this. He made the comment, “Now, this is why we get x-rays.” He wanted to cast me immediately. We chatted, and instead of a traditional fiberglass cast, I have a Bledsoe Telescoping Elbow Brace, which works as a post-op brace, but is also used as a cast replacement. THANKFULLY! I hate casts with a passion. For many reasons. One of which is I get a serious skin breakdown issue when I am casted. He told me if it was anyone else, he wouldn’t even allow the Bledsoe, but he trusts me to do what he tells me, which was nice to hear.

My new hardware

So, I am in this for at least 6 weeks. I have to go back in 10 days for another x-ray, to verify that the bone has not shifted. If it has, I will need surgery to repair this. That’s a big deal, because it means removing the bone spur, which means detaching the tendon and then re-attaching it once the spur is removed. It means a minimum 4 month recovery. Naturally, I am hoping this remains stable, heals well, and keeps me out of the O.R. I am going to be a damn good patient, just like I was with my knee, and do everything he tells me.

This means no EMS work, no working out the arm (obviously), and NO MOUNTAIN BIKING DAMMIT! I had my first race EVER that I was going to compete in coming up on February 7th. Pre-race is on January 24th. I am NOT happy right now.

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  1. Nana Waggs says:

    Hi, Niece!!! I'm not on auto notification when you blog, so unless I'm on the net looking, I don't know when you're writing. I'm so sorry that you've hurt yourself like this. What a pain(!) especially when you'd planned on that bike race. Keep up posted, OK? Your tree looks lovely. Hope you're having a nice New Year's. Be thinking of you as always.
    Love, Auntie

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