MTB Race #1 for 2013 – Done!

Written by Renee

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That's me, on the far left, in the X-ray jersey.

That’s me, on the far left, in the X-ray jersey.

Today, I raced the MTB Kickstart, a local race here in the Sacramento region. This is the same race I did two years ago. This is the first of hopefully many races this year. I did crash, but nothing bad. Minor damage. Bruising, primarily where my bike nailed my upper leg. Some things I learned today:

  1. The gym is NO substitute for the trails. Nope, nada. I gotta spend MORE time out there. A LOT MORE TIME. Guess I need to buy that State Parks pass sooner than later…
  2. My race time sucked. BUT I FINISHED. There were two others that DNF’d (Did not finish).
  3. There are a lot of people who were very encouraging to me out there. There are many people who know of my commitment to fitness, and my using MTB as a part of that. I recall someone Clint Claassen yelling to me when I was walking up a steep(er) hill, “Renee, get back on that horse!”. Thank you, whoever you were Clint! That actually was good to hear! There was one idiot who said, “There goes a fat one.” as I rode by. As I posted in a FB group about this, yeah dude… I know I’m fat. But I’m on a bike, and you are sitting there watching.
  4. I have a fear issue I need to work on. I know I break easier at 49 than I did at 29. Or even 48, for that matter. Some of those rock gardens… yeah. For those of you reading this who know Granite Beach, I’m talking about the downhill at Dotons. I’m working on that. I know as I practice more and lose more weight, I will feel more confident in my riding. I think I know a few riders who can help me with this.
  5. I will race, sick or well. Not crazy sick, but minor crap won’t stop me. I woke up this morning, feeling crappy. Slight cough and minor congestion. Don’t know if it is a cold or allergies. But I got out there and did it.  I did take a preventive dose of albuterol, to ensure my lungs were clear.
  6. I need to stay hydrated. Repeat… I need to stay hydrated. A few hours after the race, I was at home, and my legs started cramping up.  More fluids and walking around stopped that. Oh, and keep the electrolytes happy. I’m craving salty stuff like crazy right now.
  7. I really need to nail down clipping in and out of my pedals. Practice, practice!

My next goals:

Race in February. I would like to race the next one in the series, but I don’t know if I am up to two times around the course (yet) now know I will be traveling that day to go help my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson move back from Spokane to Sacramento. Maybe the third race? I’m keeping an open mind. I DO want to improve my time. Dramatically, I hope. But I will take any improvement. And I want to drop more weight in the meantime.


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