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Written by Renee

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Recently, I have had to make a decision. And it is one of wants vs needs. Aside from my gadget freak nature wanting the latest and greatest of smartphones, I’m a fairly pragmatic and practical person. If I don’t need something, I generally go without it. Part of that is borne from necessity; poverty in my past is a real reminder of the things you truly need in life. Part of that is from upbringing and the impact of religion on my life.

There are many things I want:

  • To own a home on a good chunk of land (Living in the sticks is a positive to me!)
  • To take a long cruise somewhere
  • To go to Yellowstone for a few weeks
  • To buy an RV and become more of a nomad again, just more comfortably
  • To get a really lightweight, powerful laptop
  • To get a new vehicle (Betsy my Jeep is getting old and wearing down)
  • To get back to fishing
  • To have weekly massages and chiropractic again (This is actually more of a need)
  • To get back to MTB riding and race next year
  • To do something different at work
  • To get a new smartphone (Told ya I like gadgets!)
  • To sit on my porch most nights and watch the sunset
  • To see more of my old friends
  • To bake and cook more

That’s my main bucket list right now.

Now, the needs:

  • A roof over my head (I LOVE where I live, and want to stay there)
  • Reliable transportation that I can also use for my business
  • To stay healthy
  • To get MORE healthy
  • To get my ankle surgically repaired
  • To get my Paramedic license (I’m in my internship now – That one is become a reality)
  • To see my children and grandchildren more often (One is here, one is on the way in December)
  • To see the rest of my family more often

As you can see, there is a vast chasm between the wants and needs. With one exception. I WANT AND NEED A NEW VEHICLE. I’ve been looking for a few months now, and decided to stay with Jeeps. I like them. They can take a pounding and keep working. They go on trail, they are reliable as hell. Big things for me. My business partner and friend recently bought a Jeep Commander. After spending a weekend with his vehicle, it gave me the knowledge I needed in deciding vehicles. I wanted either another Grand Cherokee, or a Commander. I secured financing, and went looking. I quickly realized that the Grand Cherokees are more pricey than the Commanders, and that the Commanders offer more space, and equivalent mileage, at a lower cost. The practical person in me is emerging in the thought process…

So, then I limited my searches to Commanders. I really wanted a good 4WD vehicle that would take me up gnarly trail like my current Jeep Cherokee does. So I limited my search further to Commanders with Quadra Trac II or Quadra Drive II. The prices went higher than I was willing to go, as they are almost exclusively in the 4.7 L and 5.7 L engines, and in the higher end Overland and Limited units. Yikes. OK. Back to needs… I *NEED* 4WD. I *NEED* space. I *NEED* reliability.

I narrowed my search. And looked more utilitarian. I decided to keep my old Jeep. She can’t go into 4WD right now, due to a front drive shaft or transfer case issue. Her A/C doesn’t work. The driver’s seat is screwed up. She can be repaired and be the more rugged 4WD unit, and perhaps be lifted a bit also. But I still need another vehicle. I looked at 4. High end to low end. I have to admit, the high end model I saw on Saturday was REALLY NICE. I made an offer on it, but it was not accepted by the dealership. OK. It wasn’t meant to be. I would have really liked it, as my current Jeep was the high end model of its time.

So, I looked at the others. A white Sport model in Roseville, a mid-range black model in Napa, and then the one in Fairfield…

It is a 2007 Commander Sport, has a 3.7 L engine, with an AWD 4×4 system (Yeah, I know…). Transmission is a Mercedes built transmission. It has a tow package (after-market) installed, fabric seats, and LOTS of room. I can seat 7 in there (with not much else in the vehicle). It also has a built-in GPS navigation system, and an XM satellite radio (After-market add-on). This SUV has a lot of what I want. It was owned by a guy in the Air Force, who obviously has kids (evidence found!). He took pretty darn good care of this baby.

So, after a test drive, and a bit of bargaining, both the price, and certain things I felt needed to be taken care of on it… I bought it. And I named her. Yes, I name my vehicles, and this one is a she. Her name is Jenny.

Oh… And it is my favorite color: Blue

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